About the Blog

I’m so happy for you and even more excited that you got that ring, girl! You are about to become the Mrs. and the journey to forever is so exciting.  As a matter of fact, this calls for celebration! I will gladly press pause while you do a little happy dance.

One thing is for sure. I love, love, love weddings! As you would have guessed,  I used to be a bright-eyed bride just like you, with hopes for a Pinterest worthy wedding on a  modest budget.  I didn’t have that twenty to forty thousand dollar “average” wedding budget that everyone talks about, so I had to get creative and have a DIY wedding instead.  I scoured the internet, just as you are now, looking for inspiration to create a champagne wedding on a not so average beer budget.

After planning, designing, and creating my own DIY wedding I was inspired to start Make Me Married.  I started this blog with the purpose to creatively inspire you with planning adviceDIY tutorials,  and even some wedding planning experiences of my own.

When I was planning my wedding, I was overwhelmed by the hours of research that had to be done in order to find budget-friendly wedding inspiration.  All that research made my planning process stressful and also made it very hard to make pressing wedding decisions.  As Make Me Married grows, I want it to become a resource where most of that research has already been done for you.  Make Me Married will grow to be a blog that curates tutorials, planning advice, and resources from bloggers and wedding professionals everywhere, collected by me as a gift to inspire you.

I am so happy to finally start this amazing journey with you.  I hope you are inspired by Make Me Married to create the wedding of your dreams. I wish you peace, love, and happy planning!

XO, Krystal